The Cowherd

At Van Dyke Angus Ranch the cow is our focus of attention and must meet a very stringent level of production to continue to carry the VDAR brand. As Clarence has often said, "If you have a great COW, you can breed her to just about any bull and the result will be a very good calf!"


The VDAR cowherd is what it is today because of our focus on fertility! We eliminate any cow that does not calve in our 42-day calving season regardless of who she is or who she may have had in her life and there are no exceptions. This one management strategy has allowed our cowherd to become extremely sound in its structure, optimum in its size for our environment and functionally as sound in its production traits as any cowherd you will find anywhere in the country. We believe that forcing our cowherd to breed and calve within two breeding cycles enables only the most structurally sound, feed efficient and productive cows to survive at VDAR.


For many years we have been blessed with cows that produce at least 50% of their body weight. This ratio of production is critical to optimum beef production and is the standard that will always rule at VDAR.


The VDAR cow is expected to meet and exceed all of these levels of production without any additional feed supplementation during our native feed season and without supplementation of the calves while they are with their mothers. Calves are never creep-fed and all calves at VDAR will achieve their weaning weights through their mother's production and their own ability forage while on their mothers!




We do not believe that using the latest "hot bull" or the sire with the most extreme set of measurable traits is the answer. It is our belief that we can only best serve our customers by providing them with genetics that will work for them as well as they work for us, and this is established through the quality of our cowherd! Developing the most productive and functional cowherd found in the Angus industry has always been our goal.and that leads to the VDAR customer advantage!


Sample of VDAR 2013 Sale Cows

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